Shell Complex "Circling The Drain"

Comparable to the death metal remains of classic age BTBAM to Akeldama era Facless leads, Shell Complex come out of the gate with a ferocious roar. Followed by late Gabe era Ion Dissonance style breakdowns, their stomping adds little to an already impressive lead.
     As the track progresses the leads sway in and out of the middle and the production couldn't be acclaimed any higher. The breakthrough comes at the halfway mark when a saxophone takes the lead over the hallow breakdown that carries the track to its finish.
     Dorthal incorporated these elements in his solo work, and I recommend checking out Arid Landscape if you've never heard these elements explored well. The sax is an insatiable instrument. When used well it can truly make an impact, especially in hardcore and metal releases. In "Circling The Drain" Shell Complex have done just that. Exploded out of the gate and captured one of the most beautiful elements with conviction. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds into the development of later releases and potentially what could be a substantial full length.

(Dorthal's ability to incorporate the sax into his spacey djent is an impressive feat not to be overlooked.)

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