The Hell "Brutopia"

True magic happens when real artists disengage and loosen up. It's not often that such creative minds come up with such a fun record. Most of the time the avant-garde take their music so serious, that most of the album is found lingering in fillers that hurts the overall experience of the record. Here comes The Hell with their Prosthetic Records crusher Brutopia.
     While the first half of the record finds the group spinning out of control with their Sikth meets Atilla approach, the rest of the album doesn't soar as technical as the first couple of tracks. Right out the gate, the bass is spilling with multiple tentacles spewing out in endless directions, and the drums somehow magically connect. Although the guitars don't soar in wild leads like their tech brethren, The Hell still feels somewhat djenty. 
     Wth a few filler skits that actually make this a really fun listen, The Hell know how to make a case for themselves. Similar to what Fight Paris did to the metalcore scene in the mid 2000's, The Hell seem to be doing to djenty technical hardcore. Maybe not as silly as The Irish Front and certainly not as aggressive enough to be called death metal, we may have just found the ultimate party record of the year here. While completely different than anything else out there, they've created a sound that seems oddly familiar. Personal favorite "I've Got Loads of Money" will have you laughing so hard, you'll shoot snot out of your nostrils and "We're All the Same" is a raunchy opener that speaks to everything documented here.      
     While it may not make the cut for album of the year, Brutopia knows how to mix up the deck a little and give us metal heads some new material to  put our heads around.

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