Bermuda "Use Your Burdens"

It's safe to say that Bermuda are absolutely one of the best in what they do. Their unrelenting assault of heaviness on each release has become so punctual that it doesn't take countless albums for them to make a mark. Isolationists was way ahead of its time and The Wandering took the group to new heights. Even though Bermuda hasn't exactly exploded like I thought they would when their previous album came out, Use Your Burdens capitalizes on their strengths and reinforces the band's relevance in the extreme metal community.
     Djent has completely gone off the wagon and it's impossible to compare one band to the next. Tesseract and Bermuda could both be considered bands of the subgenre but for fans of both, it's obvious they sound nothing alike. To continue to try and pigeon hole these acts into categories is useless and it's really about leveraging their ability to maximize their talents and produce an effort that stands out amongst a sea of competitors. Although it took over three years, Use Your Burdens is worth every moment of wait, and leverages studio tricks and intricacies to accomplish a memorable record at the buzzer in 2015.
     The album brings back to mind their first release which saw no filler, and was all killer from start to finish. Unlike The Wandering which dwelled in a sea of ambiguity from track to track and contained occasional atmospheric elements, this album finds the band in character at all times during their ten song performance. The songs sound fresh, current, and relevant in today's aggressive scene and hopefully this is the album that sees Bermuda get on the road with the right bands that will get them the attention they deserve.
     Coming at a time where many hardcore and metal bands seem to be falling apart, Bermuda raises the bar and heads into new territory to show that year end lists can't be stifled until the year is finally over. 

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