The Crystal Method "Vegas"

Year ends are always my favorite with awesome lists of all the current stuff that was released throughout the year being compiled and measuring it up to everything else that came out in the year. What's always nice to see is how these releases will play out over time, and how many of these supposed "classics" will truly find their place in the timeless catalogue, and which alleged album will just fall into that pile of garbage never to be played again.
     With that being said, every now and again I'll come across a really solid electronic record that breaks up the monotony of the drums, bass, guitar package that derails my playlists to the North Pole. One of those records is Crystal Methods Vegas, which although not new to the world of electronica by any means remains one of the great pieces collected in the genre since its release. "Cherry Twist," with its booming beat and later synths going back and forth stands the test of time and still sounds impressive in 2015. "She's My Pusher" is the ultimate lurker and "Comin' Back" being the ultimate house party aggro jam.
     Alongside a few others, this break is truly crucial and if you haven't checked out any of the below (all of which I believe I've outlined somewhere in the blog throughout the past two years) I highly recommend you spend ringing in the new year with them blaring in the background. Who knows what we'll be up against in 2016. Here's to finding out!

In the meantime check out the below for electronic gems in case you've lived under a rock for the past ten years. These six albums should take care of your electronic tendencies if you aren't sure where to get started with the modern stuff:

• Deadmau5 At Play In The U.S.A. Vol. 1
• Aphex Twin Sylo
• The Chemical Brothers Surrender
• Tomba Choke On Coke
• Digitalism I Love You, Dude

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