Booze & Glory "As Bold As Brass"

Bringing to mind old Oi! and Rancid-esque vibes, Booze & Glory find themselves in classic territory with a sound only aged punks may recall. Having seen the act open up this year's installment of the Black & Blue Bowl at Webster Hall, I can confess that the group is much more aggressive than they come across on their albums.
     This day and age where punk and hardcore has gone to new extremes of production and aggression, it's tough to find a place for these guys. Even though the tunes are fun, and the show is captivating, Oi! records may be struggling to get into the hands of the right audience. 
     The political agenda doesn't make itself apparent here with songs like "Down And Out," and "Julie" really speaking for the majority of the lyrical content. It's a pleasant change from the past punk which often rallied in challenging fascist themes that these days aren't really going to attract anyone. But if you're looking for a quality listen of the genre and at least say you know a few classic punk acts, Booze & Glory is a place to start with 2014's As Bold As Brass being the ultimate place to kick off. 

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