Dead End Path "Seance And Other Songs"

Parts Burst and other times Neanderthalean hardcore, Dead End Path crush supreme on Seance And Other Songs. The band's existing catalogue has been a mixed bag of rehashed ideas and refreshing energy but on this collection it seems as if the production and the tracking have finally nailed it. 
     Epic tracks soar one by one here with "Misery Kids" showcasing a ruthless assault and "Tunnel Dark" capturing DEP with a strong focus on their emotion. It's as if Johnny Truant rolled back to us and found a way to capture the youth found in initial releases. Some of the tracks drone on in quality like "Aspirate About The Chapel" that stirs a build up and then escorts itself out with a minute long two step breakdown.
     These songs have true conviction. It's obvious they are written from a place of passion, and the tracks are raw and pure in that regard. While we wait to find out what ever really happened to Johnny Truant, Seance... seems to be a reasonable substitute.


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