Colleen Green "I Want To Grow Up"

It's not that I was absolutely drooling to write about this release, but I couldn't avoid bringing it up. Just the cover alone is cringe worthy and I'm worried about it's inclusion in this blog. Every other review on Colleen Green's 
I Want To Grow Up leaves the album in the gutter, almost pissing on it with anguish and low regard. Not that this is AOTY material by any means, but I did enjoy the album during an early morning workout and some of the tunes captured here did snag my attention, that I thought a review from an objective perspective could bring light to the album, and do Miss Green some warranted justice.
     I found Colleen Green on the latest Basement flyer for their Spring 2016 tour which houses HXC heavyweight contenders Defeater and Turnstile. With that kind of a bill you really need to question that opening act. Although Green is NOT hardcore material, she finds herself amongst a suitable crowd with the likes of Superheaven and Balance and Composure, and maybe even Title Fight to host their future tours. The sound here is grunge-esque, with a tinge of indie belch thrown in for good measure. 
     Regarding the album, think of the Clueless soundtrack with a consistent droning about life before adulthood (The Muffs' "Kids In America" certainly comes to mind and the album doesn't sound too far from it, actually). Many of the themes explored here are dorm-days revisited with useless banter hoarding a "TV is for me!" attitude alongside major chords and wish washy drums that are overlooked throughout the whole release. There isn't any outstanding musicianship or vocal progressions that carry Green to salvation. But by the end of the album I found myself going back for a few of the tracks ("I Want To Grow Up," & "TTABFM (part 1)," specifically).
     I think this has potential. Not that it's ground breaking or thought provoking. But in front of the unruly masses, Colleen Green may connect with an audience that will make this go viral. With the right attention and the right marketing, anything is certainly possible these days.

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