The Acacia Strain "Tune Low Die Slow - Studio @ Webster Hall"

It's safe to say that The Acacia Strain are one of the last remaining road dogs of the past fifteen years. Bury Your Dead, Emmure, Scars of Tomorrow - all either nonexistent or not up to snuff. Since 2003, it's safe to say that I've seen TAS at least twice every year. On their latest run (no, not Summer Slaughter or as an opening band) the band finds themselves amongst HXC veterans Fir For An Autopsy and Texas's heavyweight brethren Kublai Kahn and Counterparts.
     FFAA played the part and Counterparts seemed to have finally found some confidence since I last saw them open up for Volumes at Party XPO and then play the 11:40am slot during 2013's New England Metal & Hardcore Festival at the Palladium.

(Fit For An Autopsy represent themselves well)

     The true relic isn't in the stacked bill and the worthy openers, but instead how Vinnie and the boys have managed to stay fresh after so many years. Tonight's show was set in an extremely intimate venue, with The Studio @ Webster Hall hardly being the appropriate venue to house these hardcore championship contenders. With an obvious sold out crowd in attendance, the boys were set out to destroy everything standing in their way in true title match fashion.
     There's not much to be said here that hasn't been proven on TAS's DVD release that showcased two shows - one as the headliner at the Palladium, and the other in an underground basement that let attendees bring boogie boards and dodge balls to the show. This was that second disc event, with kids diving off the stage, climbing on the ceiling, and dangling off the pipes. It's about time TAS played The Studio and it was shocking to find out it was their first time.

(There goes Vinnie, going into full psychosis on stage almost instantly)

     The set contained a range of songs that stemmed from their debut to Coma Witch and the latest crew performing the tracks seemed to be getting it just right, even if Vinnie remains the only original member of the band. Kevin by now almost feels like he's been there from the beginning, but that just makes me remember that I've been listening to the band since they dropped 3750 on Prosthetic Record over ten years ago. They dropped "Carbomb" and tossed in "Tactical Nuke" and that was the true moment of jewels.

(sweet cameo during TAS's "Ramirez")

     It's amazing how time flies, but it was great to see the boys back at it, representing a group that had so much influence on ALL of aggressive music in general. TAS are one of those bands that are just not to be missed. Whether it's a dinner or a holiday party or a family event that stands in your way, it's foolish to miss the passion that's gathered in their set each and every time, and tonight was certainly no different. 

(captured just moments before the madness)

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