Culture Killer "Denial"

Culture Killer slam loud and fast and it's not until Denial comes to a finish where we're left wondering where the stick is that we've just been beaten with. Part technical death, part beatdown, part doom build up, there's plenty to go around in the album's short spin to make your head turn.
     It's awesome to see such depth and variety captured in something as short as a four song EP. The tracks bleed into one another, showcasing a continuation from track to track. This entire time we've been discussing the nonsense that's found on most new releases that attempts to be witty and clever, but usually falls flat and on the group's face, is completely deterred on Culture Killer's brutal collection. Each track gets started almost immediately and takes a turn for the better just moments before launching. As a blend between Devil Inside, and other parts modern day Barrier, there's really not much else to do besides sit tight and wait for their full length. It's going to be wondrous to see what a producer and a little more time in the studio will do to their creative process.

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