Feign "The New World Order"

In 2013 when downtempo was just starting to explode, Feign came through like a wrecking ball, eating the aggressive scene with intensity. After countless delays and lineup changes, The New World Order finally drops two years later to grace us with the outfit's first official full length. 
     Just as expected each track pummels our ears, with a droning beat and a lingering throwdown. The drums maintain a steady pace, and the chugs roar in anguish and there's an occasional lead or two that finds itself a little out of place every now and again. "Fall Behind" is unfortunately the album's greatest hit and was presented to us over two years ago with slightly better production. There are samples galore on this album, which are very entertaining and seem like the "schtick" however don't really add much to the overall tone of the album. They impact the "America Is A Business" vibe, but that gets old fast and the music doesn't speak much for itself. One thing that gains great traction are the vocals. The roar captured here is by far superior to anything else alive in the scene and downtempo community.
     This is a great example of timing and how it can make all the difference in the success of an outfit. Feign had a strong following when their EP dropped in 2013 and had a unique and ruthless sound. However, two years later the scene is overwhelmed with mediocre mish mash and the album falls alongside the others with a half hearted execution. I personally have been waiting on this album for quite a while, and although it was great to hear new riffs from the outfit, I'll probably stick to the single version of "Fall Behind" that came out a while back going forward.

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