Elitist "Elitist"

Elitist was a part of the djent explosion that gave us bands like Erra, Auras, Northlane, Entities, and Substructure. While all very different in their approach, they still all lurk above the same common denominator. On their latest slab of tracks, the band finds themselves exploring trusted metalcore avenues and exploding on extreme alternative build ups, with occasional sensationalizing harmonies. All which seem to work incredibly well until a few of the melodies fall flat as pita bread used as pizza dough. It's ok, because they've ventured away from the roots of their earlier releases, and shoot for the stars early in their career showing great promising signs of future material.
     The band is privy to the Australian voodoo that seems to catapult most mediocre metal bands to heights of success. It seems as if most breakout acts are coming from down under these days and I wouldn't hold it past these guys to falter too far behind from their competition.

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