Repulsor "Abhorrence"

If you haven't had your fill, let Repulsor carry you over to the dark side. With Abhorrence we don't hear anything that hasn't already been done, but instead are handed over another spanking from the same chugcore elite that brought you Hitlist, Animal, Rex and Far From Nothing.
     It's certainly proof of concept, with this unrelenting ruthlessness striking once again. It's almost shocking to wonder just how much heavier things are going to get. With each album it seems as if every band is just set out to outdo one another. But the click execution of transitions, the vocals that are too ridiculous to be human but can still be taken seriously, and the perfect placement of buildups and breakdowns is still something worth mentioning.
     It's wild to think that there's a whole school of thought out there that only focuses on attacking the audio senses and portraying itself to be as brutal as possible. What's the angle all about? What're the kids here trying to say? What's with all the oppression? When hardcore bands used to come out it seemed as if having a message was a crucial part of the act. If the band didn't have something to say, very rarely would they sprout to acclaim. Nowadays it seems like anyone who can master Ableton can get their group out into circulation. More power to those that do.

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