Havok "Unnatural Selection"

On Unnatural Selection Havok explore themes akin to the classic thrash of the Big 4. Many times over the group brings to mind the relic sounds of Megadeth's Countdown... and Metallica's Load days where "King Nothing" seemed to be as good as it was going to get. 
     The songs are well written and the group seems to be serious about what they're doing, and it's nice to hear tunes of this genre these days with the modern production capabilities of 2015 presenting themselves this effectively. What stinks is that each song drags on forever clocking in well over four minutes a pop and there's just not enough meat on the bone here to make these songs go on for so long.
     Havok seem to be the ultimate party band. Part thrash, party Mötley Crüe fodder (check "Under The Gun" for your prescribed "huh?" moment), they flow from track to track without too much thought. 
     As crazy as it sounds, this classic sound actually sounds refreshing this day and age where heavy as it can get is the new norm and every kid in the suburbs is producing their own one man hardcore band.      
     Unnatural Selection may not be reinventing the wheel or blowing any minds, but it comes at a good time for those looking for a little more substance in their rock and the latest round of Prosthetic, Rise, Bridge Nine, and Deathwish metal just doesn't seem to make an impact.

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