Mestís "Polysemy"

The duo that shreds in Animals As Leaders is consistently prone to scrutiny and even though Tosin steals much of the group's thunder, none of his antics would be possible without his partner in crime Javier Reyes. In Mestís, Javier explores spacey themes, giving the sounds of the band a much different spread than what is found on the Sumerian heavyweight's prior releases.
     For those new to Mestís and those who didn't get around to their debut, it's certainly no Animals As Leaders here with the djenty boingo criss crossing from speaker to speaker. Instead, long chords pluck away and create jarring harmonies and melodies a little lighter and less abrasive than the AAL catalogue  displays. All instrumental as usual, but some of the layers found here create lush, embracive anthems with captivating loops that usher the listener in and out of colorful atmospheres. Although it finds home on the Sumerian catalogue, Javier finds himself performing completely solo and all the credits go exclusively to him. While this isn't anything more captivating or shocking than his debut, his continuation and ability to sustain entertainment by himself is worth noting.

(Javier looking extra smug on his Sumerian profile)

     Mestís tends to stand all on its own. There's really not much out there that is high in the ranks with Reyes and his guitar besides Tosin and his guitar. As a duo they make an unstoppable combo. On his own Javier is much more than that other guy in Animals As Leaders. For a ride away from the ordinary and getting the deep end of the possible variations on an eight string, Polysemy is a good place to start.

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