Hitlist "Save Yourself"

Save Yourself flows recklessly through its half dozen tracks with such force, that every other competitor is left clinching  their cheeks wondering what hit them. It's very obvious from one release to the next just what makes all the difference. Punctual song writing, great production, a succinct track listing uninterrupted by the nuisances of samples. It's really just efficiency and talent being presented at their best that makes this whole thing alluring.
    The captivating anger here is so evident you'll feel the spit on the microphone coming through your years and you'll think you're almost immediately in trouble. Hitlist are an angry bunch akin to Barrier and Prestige and this album falls nicely alongside their past releases. With two breakdowns sandwiching the album, and a fun, hearty potato making up most of the content in the middle fans of metal should rejoice and embrace this short release and place it alongside their repeat offenders. Hitlist should be proud of their accomplishments here and any more from the group would simply be asking too much.

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