Irrora "My Own Religion"

For those who completely overlooked Jamie's Elsewhere, here's an amalgamation of sorts that blends A Skylit Drive and guitartech noodling at its finest. The tunes here are a bit of a paint splatter on canvas with most of the ideas not being fully realized and each song submitting over half a dozen ideas in each of their three to four minute run times.
     Some of the chugging is standard fare, and the vocals don't really stand out much in the screams and bellows department. Most of the melodies are mediocre, but it's really when they go into full front emo assault that the band finds their charm. While perhaps not necessarily for everyone, for those looking to blend Her Demise, My Rise with something a little official, authentic and perhaps "serious" Irrora do just that. "I Will Fight For You" display some convincing synth tones ala Attack! Attack! at their finest. Although it fails to realign the gauntlet, these guys from Russia could definitely fall along nicely into the Rise catalogue and if they just keep churning out tunes and committing to practice, it's only a short while before a producer gets a hold of their abilities and catapults them into the spotlight.

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