Malfunction "Fear Of Failure"

Malfunction do absolutely nothing but throw down their mitts and get in the ring for ten vine slinging anthems. With a fierce rhythm section in place and a good ear for groove, these Bridge Nine thunder cats slay with conviction.
     Nothing can start the party like a good opening thrash ala "Cut Off," and the rest of the album follows suit with "Release" almost reaching out of the speakers and beating you upside the head until you get the point that Malfunction doesn't mess around. Part Integrity (check "Sonic" which falls a little short from taking the album to the next level), and part The Blinding Light, the vocals bring down any studio showmanship to maintain that certain special level of crust the diehards just can't leave behind.
     On Fear of Failure Malfunction have cast themselves into a tight spot on the hardcore spotlight and found themselves a niche on the bill of hardcore festivals and tours throughout the U.S. It's only time that will tell if Malfunction will outlast the competition and explode like Trash Talk did, or let life and hardships split them apart.

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