SikTh "Opacities"

Opacities really demands your best surround sound. SikTh are simply a brilliant band and although it's been years since Death Of A Dead Day their captivating allure hasn't been tarnished a bit. Those eclectic vocals, the punchy bass and kick drum unity alongside some of this millenniums most brilliant guitar shredders continues to thrill with this latest installment.  
     I am perhaps as thrilled as the Star Wars enthusiasts about their new movie with this album. Right from the start "Behind The Doors" gives us that classic SikTh beat down with some great back and forth vocal arrangements from the two frontmen. "Tokyo Lights" is the continuation of a fun spirited band who know how to find humor in their professionalism, while "Walking Shadows" showcases everyone's highlights painstakingly well, and manages somehow not to overwhelm the listener. The closing track leaves a bit to be desired, but after that explosive display of musicianship, there's little room for negotiating their status.
     Since we last saw SikTh we've been given a lot of material in this department. Animals As Leaders, Tesseract, Uneven Structure, Vildhjarta, Periphery, Textures, Heart Of A Coward, Means End, Monuments, and FellSilent all have strayed from this formula and have given the pioneers a run for their money. It's certainly quite a crowd. 
     However, Opacities doesn't fail to deliver in true SikTh fashion, and reaffirms what we thought we had all along when we didn't have enough of it to confirm almost ten years ago.

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