Traitors "Night Terrors"

How much more overwhelmingly abrasive is this beatdown going to get? Traitors are by far one of the supreme acts in the subgenre and have managed to stay creative in each of their releases. While the vocals remain as chaotic and disturbing as ever, the guitars figure out how to stay fresh in some way and cut some heads right off with their buzz saw precision. 
     The gig doesn't take too long to get rolling, with album opener "Phantasm" slaying half the room in its brief run time. "Intruder" makes you feel as if someone is lurking in the shadows of your apartment and going to sneak up and strangle you in the middle of the night and the breakdowns in "Dead In The Head" make for a fun representation of what Pantera may have been doing had they still been around and grew with the scene they helped spawn and inspire.    
     It's no joke what Traitors have done here, and if you aren't ready for this level of intensity then I suggest you stay far, far away. Hearing this album made me want to immediately run and put on Oceano's "The World Engine" which was the only thing I could think of that was even as remotely heavy in comparison.    
     Traitors are not to be taken lightly and on Night Terrors they prove that they're doing a little more than usual to stay ahead of the community's competition. Here's to 2016.

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