Admiral Angry "Buster"

Now that we're exhausting the extensive list of droning sludge metal, we've obviously been exposed to some great moments and some dull ones as well. While Buster isn't exactly a "dull moment," it tends to loiter in slow territory for the majority of the album. 
     While this formula perhaps worked well for Black Sheep Wall, Admiral Angry are just not strong songwriters to exploit this sound. "Circling The Drain" is a good example, letting the track just run on endlessly. Although its main chug is pretty neat and beats up ferociously, there's just not enough here to turn the track into a contender. 
     Even though these bands linger in the darkness, hardly ever uncovered by those distant to the band, it's important to call a trend what it is when it is. If you search for Bossk and see the number of artists that come up for similar sound, you'll see a laundry list of decoys, most of which have nothing noteworthy to report. Although creativity should be endorsed, embraced and encouraged, when taking a subjective view of these albums, it's crucial to call it for what it is. Meh metal.

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