Black Sheep Wall "I Am God Songs"

Right out the gate BSW come off like another boring, slow and steady wins the race, epic, droning metal band ala Tombs, Isis, or recently uncovered Irreversible and Latitude. But for those fortunate to make it through the first track, you'll instantly know that's just not the case.
     Everyone knows this music doesn't sell. Training For Utopia proved that over a decade ago. These bands that beat the living hell out of their gear and wail endlessly track after track with no clear build ups and breakdowns rarely get anywhere than your intimate 150-200 person venue. They tour through horrendous weather to get on stage to less than half a dozen people every night. Although it's absolutely heartbreaking, it's just too tough to get this dark in public. But when you hear the tunes captured with such intensity, it's just an infectious connection to the tracks, that's impossible not to be impressed
     With a voice similar to Gaza and an unrelenting rhythm section that brings to mind the sounds of Four Question Marks or even The Abominable Iron Sloth, I Am God Songs is a collection of anger and passion, mashed into an aggressive concoction that stands alongside some of metal's greatest moments.
     The evident Meshuggah vibe is clearly here for the most part, but BSW are not a technical band by any means. Relying on groove and a ruthless vocal delivery, these guys know how to make the most of their long run times. BSW takes each song from grain to petal and soars from track to track while dragging your head through the cement so you can make it through together. Make sure you don't turn it off until it's over. Favorite tracks "Modest Machine" and the sickeningly awesome "Myolden"

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