Irreversible "Sins"

Falling in line with the recent jam bands we've showcased, Irreversible comes off much stronger than Latitudes or Bossk and just get into character right away. Again, it seems like this is jamming out for the sake of it and the songs don't really seem to go anywhere.
     The hope filled ten minute adventure title track "Sins" seems to linger on endlessly, and there doesn't seem to be a purpose to the whole thing. It's just riff after riff and without any hooks or luscious melodies it's really a one sided, flat dimensional album. 
     It's a shame that so many of these were catered from finding Rinoa and Bossk, but it seems like those are the true gems of the scene that's been plagued by infinite clones that are capable of playing their instruments but lack the ability to write good songs.

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