Brutality Will Prevail "Scatter The Ashes"

It's great when the classic scenes get revisited by refreshing young talent. While on Scatter The Ashes Brutality Will Prevail may not exactly reinvent the wheel, they churn out Earth Crisis like hardcore that splashes some fresh energy on a foundational sound.
     Similar to xBishopx and Expire, Brutality Will Prevail go from traditional two step to breakbeat like most bands in the genre. They stick to the tried and true formula and get exceptional results. The vocals go off the deep end every now and then, but this makes for a fun, entertaining listen amongst the heavy grooves. 
     The reenergized collection here, alongside a proper production value could help get the group in with some of the heavyweights in a few tours and festivals if they can sustain a live show that complements the energy on the record.

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