Mahumodo "Bythewaters"

Another act embarrassingly caught in the tail end of a fifteen year gap between its release and this exposure. What Will Haven and Glassjaw didn't accomplish in trying to execute a Deftones sounding record, is certainly captured here on Mahumodo's incredibly fun EP.
     Just before Deftones turned into the Radiohead they're capable of becoming and evolved from a straightforward, heavy, alternative band was a group focused on aggressive delivery and a much more concrete sound that built their sensational following. Mahumodo create a sensational release that starts with the luscious "California" which could have certainly been found in Adrenaline and then lures us into the heavyweight track "Herparadise," which although roars past the ten minute mark, helps the act separate themselves from their cosmic roots and develop their own sound. 
     With a guitarist and a drummer that are obviously in sync rhythmically and conceptually, it's easy to see why this short album is such a success. These guys know their influences and they're being constructed by a producer who knows his end game. Emotional alternative jams, that ensure the listener loses track of time. Let this be another worthy addition that may be plagued by malcore viciousness, and ensure you trace your steps back and pick up the rest of Mahumodo's existing catalogue.

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