Callisto "Providence"

I was on a massive hunt after uncovering Rinoa and wanted to lap up everything that existed under similarities in their jurisdiction. Although there's a ton of good that came from that split with Bossk, there was also a handful of releases that rocked me to sleep and I can't just avoid them in this week's exclusive. 
     We're going to call it for what it is, but Callisto, just like Irreversible and Latitudes bores the jury into submission and leaves the listeners drooling in anticipation for a climax that just never seems to make itself apparent. Why it takes each song an average of six minutes to get its monotony out of the way is a complete mystery. 
     Sometimes artists will find a time to expose themselves, and through moments of complete nonsense, there will be a breakthrough, a track or two that make up for the albums lagging delivery. I've listened to hours of feedback and static just to uncover these gems. But on Providence, all the expectations are left behind and there's not a single moment that stands out. It's times of discovery such as this where I'm sure these bands wish they gave themselves a few more minutes behind closed doors to shape up their songs a bit and add a little more steam to their work.

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