Desolated "The End"

Desolated has been a force to recommend with since they splashed into the deathcore community with The Birth Of Corruption. Through their numerous releases, they often went to opposite extremes of beatdown or technical death, and essentially found there footing here as a true aggressive hardcore outfit.
     Now on tour with Lionheart, Desolated come full force ala Recon's WTVC that slayed their Rise Records debut. As Desolated have fine tuned their sound with each release, it's nice to see them embrace their foundational sound that seemed to have thinned out a little on the releases that sandwich this album.
     Perhaps it's not even the same Desolated. There's really no telling. There's little trivia on the band online and neither have been around long enough to establish a reputation for personas in the group. If you're looking for a good tough guy outing, don't neglect to check this one out for a proper dose of ruthless aggro.

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