Hand Of Mercy "Resolve"

At a time where metalcore has officially transformed into a territory where aggressive bands can play it safe, Hand Of Mercy takes us back to a time where the genre had hopes of being a worthy contender in the world of underground metal.
     The Amity Affliction, The Word Alive, Beartooth and countless other blah blahs have catered to a formula in this eclectic space and have incorporated more bells and whistles than music, that anything metalcore in 2016 can honestly go fuck itself. The songs are so predictable, and the choruses so poppy and sugary, that the aggression the tracks capture don't really make an impact and the output feels more like a chore than a passion. Bands like Remembering Never and Misery Signals who once dominated the scene are now just legacy nostalgia acts, and don't really cater to the subgenre that was once nurtured by quality hardcore with slick metal flare. 
     Although Hand Of Mercy's album Resolve has been on the circuit for a few years, it stands out amongst it's contemporary equivalents and reminds us why metalcore was even a scene to begin with. Perhaps the subgenre game is long overdue for an overhaul, but for those just looking to get back to six string configurations, solid song structures and effective breakdowns, feel free to jump into anything Hand Of Mercy if you miss Awaken Demons and other classic acts of the scene.

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