Textures "Phenotype"

Textures have long flown under the radar as one of the most underrated technical bands in metal. Since 2004, they've been releasing consistently impressive albums regardless of shifts in performers. While Silhouettes remains the outfits most accessible and intense work, Phenotype showcases a group reborn that may have struggled to create the same captivating release with their prior album.
     While Dualism certainly showcased unmatched skill and precision, it lacked the same songwriting intensity that Silhouettes presented. Most of the songs felt a little lackluster and underwhelmed. Although the noodling and thumping behind every department seemed to soar with caliber, there was just something missing. Phenotype manages to combine two worlds together and give us the release we've long expected, and never doubted that Textures could produce. There are times where the band goes to their Silhouettes, "Ocean's Collide" showing a promising reprise of sorts.
     While the djent revolution seems to have evolved, with bands like Tesseract and Periphery coming into the mix quite consistently, bands like Textures, Uneven Structure, and even Vildjharta are still getting little to no attention. Perhaps with the right management, a band like Textures may one day set foot in America and we'll get that ten year anniversary show where Silhouettes is played from front to back.

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