Heights "Dead Ends"

Similar to what Architects accomplished on Hollow Crown, Heights entertain us with comparable intensity and riffage to sit side by side with the metalcore giants.
     This album has been around a few years and it's surprising the outfit hasn't gotten much exposure. It could be their worthless signing to Mediaskare, which proves to be completely useless to every band that gets a deal with the label. I'm not too sure what support the label actually gives these bands aside from just slapping their name on the release.
     The vocals are consistent through and through, and the melodies sometimes soar in Misery Signals fashion, although the leads aren't leveraged as often, and the tunes are generally paraded by a slew of strum progressions and minimal breakdowns. If you think about Awaken Demons last record and that band Leaders that came out a few years ago, and you're probably in the same apartment complex.
     Dead Ends is a tasteful release that's more BMTH than The Ghost Inside. It also shows a promising side to the metalcore scene, before synthesizers and bubble gum pop melodies took over. Who could've guess this would happen?

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