Iconoclast "Hallucination"

Technical death metal is probably one of the most intimidating genre titles. It refers to the elite group of noodlers who rise above just plain old death metal, and take the precision of their work to higher degree. If you think about a classic, groove oriented death metal band like Cannibal Corpse and then compare them to Iconoclast, it's obvious their both aggressive and use blast beats, but the intricacies of the latter are much more involved and the intensity of the performance demands much more from the production department.
     Iconoclast's previous EP was incredibly promising. It showcased a young band who were highly skilled in their instruments, were great songwriters, and knew how to leverage the tools necessary to churn out an incredible release. However, it was brief exposure to their ability and didn't have much replay value.
     Alas, we have Hallucination which in eleven tracks manages to create such intrigue in their ability to execute that repeated listens must be had to get the true experience from their portfolio. Iconoclast know how to stay warm and engaging with just enough breakdowns to stay sharp. Aside from every track and its unique trick, Iconoclast know how to keep away from too many leads that can become cumbersome to the average listener. Where bands like Beneath The Massacre and The Boy Will Drown never knew how to ease off, Iconoclast know how to stay in character with what their audience desires. Lush, warm metal, with just enough talent to stay ahead of their peers.

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