Ignite "A War Against You"

Ignite is a mix between power metal and hardcore and are what would happen to Atryeu if they crossed wires with the later part of Dio's catalogue. I'm relatively new to their world of metallic angst, and it's a sign of what proper marketing can do at any stage of the game. Even years into the hunt, Ignite can still attract new listeners and gain traction.
     So here they are getting coverage on TRA! The tracks mold into one another with each nugget adding to the pile of anthems churned out repeatedly on the album. What's worth mentioning is Ignite's unique approach to their writing. Although it's obviously very vocal driven, it's clear everyone is operating in higher gear here and the machine-like execution captured on the album is honorable. Ignore probably won't convert a whole new clan of followers, but they can certainly still drive results in a highly competitive market. 

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