Wolf Down "Incite & Conspire"

It's been said that what isn't broken shouldn't be fixed, and such is the case with Wolf Down's collection of tried and true meat and potatoes hardcore. The production is crisp and the songs know how to flow well and the breakdowns aren't a mish mash of last night's dinner. Akin to Relentless and Expire, Wolf Down keeps the scene afloat in 2016 with fresh additions to the catalogue.
     Incite & Conspire has a classic message of revolutionary angst, which isn't too brash to avoid repeated listens. The consistency in each track is worth noting and this is certainly one for the shows than the road trips, if you get my drift.
     What's lacking in layers and creative development is made up for in pure passion. It's obvious the boys in Wolf Down "live for this" and it'll be great to catch them in the act at a Black and Blue or This Is Hardcore in the years to come.

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