Latitudes "Agonist"

These guys come from the school of thought of letting the music speak for itself. Akin to Knut, or Intronaut's early work, the group focuses on delivering captivating slug-cherub to hone in on brutal sludge build ups. The vocals are used sparingly and by the time the album is over you'll question whether you actually heard any voice at all.
     With tracks exceeding the seven minute mark, this is definitely something that can linger in the background while you focus on meticulous office duties. The production is strong and the professionalism is there, there's just no substance to really justify these epic song lengths. While the tunes are nice to listen to, the whole thing is just too casual of a listen. No soaring solos, no mind bending harmonies, no technical drum work. Just a couple of dudes banging away at their gear.
     While my palette for this kind of stuff is limited, I find that more and more of these bands exist and they're all working off a concept Clutch and Mastadon helped exploit. At this point it's just like everything else and if you already adore a handful of bands that rock out in this light, feel free to pass this one over. For everyone else, it's another album you can sling on your road trip to nowhere.

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