Manipulate "Becoming Madness"

Coming off a bit like Integrity did on To Die For, Manipulate linger in the metallic side of hardcore for a bit. Opening with a classic thrash kick venturing into two step breakbeat, Becoming Madness focuses on what's important. At such quick run time, there's not much that can go wrong and Manipulate make sure to nail it from the beginning.
     The riffs are very sharp and cutting, it's obvious they treasure their Bay Area inspirations. If it weren't for the cool as all hell vocals and the cruising alt its drum approach, Manipulate could have easily been overlooked as a thrash metal band. But the way the act staccatos it's breaks and throwbacks is so obviously hardcore that it only takes the first verse to get the point across. 
     Hopefully Manipulate can land some action on a few Bane shows and get in front of the right audience so this group can fit nicely alongside Expire, Backtrack, King Nine and Indecision.  

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