Silver Snakes "Saboteur"

Part cherub rock, part mish mash alternative, Silver Snakes come up with a nice energized slab of tunes that mirror what Filter may have done if Richard Patrick knew how to behave. 
     If you picked up on Armsbendback or Open Hand when Trustkill was still a trustworthy brand, then maybe Saboteur will sound familiar. While not exactly as streamlined as Clutch or other strum oriented rock acts that drive a commercial vocal appeal, Silver Snakes could definitely be your go to rock band. The songwriting is strong enough to be memorable and the hooks are infectious enough to be contagious with "Red Wolf" taking the reigns and "Charmer" being a close second.
     While not enough intensity to plop on the AOTY list, Silver Snakes made enough noise with this release to anticipate them high enough on festival bills to pay attention.

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