No Altars "Chambers Ov Eternal Punishment"

If we mashed Molotov's efforts with a hint of Xibalba we may be getting close to the atrocities captured on No Altar's Chambers Ov Eternal Punishment. While not exactly technically inclined, the cave men of metal are lurking about on this one and the churn is very comparable to the sound of deathcore at its origins.
     While not exactly slam or downtempo, No Altars mix a nice blend of punk and metal elements to create a gumbo of sorts that's got a little bit of everything. "Detriment Ov My Existence" shows a nice range with a little tail at the end of the main riff, and "Long Lonely Nights" reminds of the sounds captured in round six with Mike Tyson.
     Prepare to have your face lifted, and if the past few additions haven't torn you down to bits yet, No Altars is here to sprinkle the ultimate finishing move.

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