Obscura Of Acacia "Eclipse"

So here's one for silly band names. I'm not sure when deathcore turned into the new nu-metal, but this release is evidence to support the claim. I've seen it said about Emmure, but I refuse to believe that. Sworn In, Lorna Shore, Sylar - those I can understand.
     Obscure Of Acacia are certainly more technically inclined than some of those other guys, but something just feels a little off here. The vocals on "Blind Sheep" just seem uninspired and forced, while the rest of the albums tries to have the group teeter in and out of this commercial appeal. Most of the album is brutal mish mash ala Oceano and every once in a while we hear a lead similar to what Beneath The Massacre used to pump out of their ruthless engine, but this comes off like Attila and their deathcore, which is more of like what Insane Clown Posse is to true hip hop.
     At the end of this release, there just isn't enough to make this album a necessary one, and it definitely isn't essential to anyone's understanding of the state of current metal. It brings quality to production and execution of a sound we're all familiar with, but it's going to need a little more than toasted bread to stand out amongst the competition.

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