Rinoa/Bossk "12" Split"

This split was the first time I was exposed to either group. I saw Bossk's new release being pushed through Deathwish and I obviously had to check it out. Little did I know I had uncovered an entire scene that I completely overlooked throughout the past ten years. 
     For those new to either band, Rinoa's bit is obviously more captivating. It strikes through and straight to the point and is a fundamentals Fugazi/Snapcase-esque rock outfit. Their two tracks totally destroy, with "Fires In The Distant North" making itself apparent on their sophomore release.
     Bossk tames the release and mellows out the vibe and lingers drearily on their fourteen minute epic. As the track soars through various layers, it's caught in an element of surprise at the end, that similar to Shell Complex and their saxophone solo, present a trumpet showcase to catapult the song to extremes.
     Rinoa's albums are exceptional at minimum, and these two tracks kick up their accessibility like never before, while Bossk, although very lush and captivating, needs to learn how to be more efficient regardless of how alluring their sounds can be.

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