Wage War "Blueprint"

What can be said about Blueprints that hasn't been said about countless metalcore acts that have come before them? Certainly the production here is amazing, the breakdowns smooth as butter and the "place to call our home" sing alongs are in full effect.
     It's more of the same on this mop of an album that seems to just combine Amity Affliction and The Ghost Inside elements and create this cyborg of a collection. Some of the hymns that linger in the back bring back to mind what Burden Of A Day did back in the late 2000's when Rise Records was just starting to explode.
     These sing out loud anthems, repeated elements and rehashed riffs don't create any new energy in a scene that's littered with endless acts that sound just as sugary. The nu-metal is in full effect on "Alive" which is almost as laughable as the vocals on "Youngblood," which is just as silly as the lyrical content on "Spineless" which can't cater to anyone over the age of fifteen.
     The album is decent to have in the background if you're just looking for more, or are trying to disengage from any rational thought, but at a time
where labels are falling apart and can't afford to pay their existing heavyweights, signing more acts senselessly with no strategy is completely insane to me. 

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