Death Index "Death Index"

Deathwish knows how to find truly unique acts. Bossk releases to come are just a sign of that, and Death Index's collection on their self titled is certainly no ordinary record.
     Time and time again, the label's catalogue continues to fill me with surprises. Death Index are a punk bank at heart, with relative themes and familiar structures. The vocals are a blend of Danzig-era Misfits, which really solidify the band as something unique of their own. As the rhythm section soars in typical terrain, the voice is obviously something that's exclusively Death Index.
     The paper thin production is surprisingly welcomed, and track after track the album is over before it even gets started. But if your core collection is looking for a breath of fresh air, and you've just about had enough with smooth as butter releases, start with Death Index for a much appreciated sense of individualism. 

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