Pelgrim "Ephemera"

With metal being the ultimate split genre concept since the dawn of the scene, Pelgrim certainly don't make pigeon-holing any easier. This indie release that comes off like a monolith of a collection, sprinkles endless thought provoking variables that litter what comes off as another Periphery copy cat.
     I don't know if it's the xylophone intro to "Eat The Hand That Feeds," or the saxophone solo in "Loophole," but these creative inputs certainly make Ephemera an album that shouldn't be overlooked. While the vocals bring to mind the youth tendencies of Silence, the lead guitars go soaring into infinity with sensational leads and harmonies.
     At a time where Jasta is claiming on his podcast that there are over 1 million bands in existence that linger on bandcamp, young artists have to figure out a way to stand out amongst the mediocrity that pollutes the majority of the web. Through lush layering and captivating inclusion of instruments that normally wouldn't land on what would otherwise be considered another meh-djent release, Pelgrim have carved a mark amidst a mundane block of artists and releases.

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