Amarna Reign "Storms"

As music continued to evolve in the second decade of the millennium, metalcore seemed to have lost and edge and disappeared into the twilight. It feels as if any new act that tries to emulate the sounds of the traditional format falls flat and only replicates what's been heard hundreds of times before. Which is why reviewing Amarna Reigns and Storms is still relevant even though the album dropped four years ago and the band has been, for the most part, inactive. 
     With brutal hooks and solid production Amarna Reigns know how to structure their songs to showcase efficient songwriting, and strong attractive anthems. Just listen to the first track on the record. It instantly lures you in, transitioning smoothly into the next track. At no times is it too much, in fact if every metal album that came out slayed this well, maybe people would be more drawn to it, instead of haphazardly being showcased to some band that isn't half Amarna's caliber and being turned away by its lackluster attempts to flail.
     Four years later and I still turn my head when Storms starts to reign. If August Burns Red still has you impressed, I suggest giving a few tracks a whirl and expanding the palate a bit. This one is a must.

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