Walls Of Jericho "No One Can Save You From Yourself"

It's been years since Walls Of Jericho graced the scene with their aggro metallic angst ridden hardcore. It's probably been at least ten years since I saw them at Ozzfest. But they're finally back! and in true form no less. Candace and co. bring the pummel for thirteen or fifteen tracks (depending on your version) that rage convincingly and can easily catapult the group back to the top of the scene. For a minute it's as if Martyr A.D. never went away and Bury Your Dead never released anything after Cover Your Tracks.
     It's great hearing this collection and it's a slick batch of songs that have a lasting impression. Hopefully these acts emerging back after a decade in the shadows can execute at a more efficient level than they did back in the early 00's parading across the country in vans and poverty.

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