Crucible "The Trials"

Crucible know what they like to listen to and it's obvious they're not going to stray from their true passion. The Trials is a Bury Your Dead approach to metal and hardcore in 2016. At six songs, the straight forward tough guy vocals, and the tight musicianship prove to be all that's necessary alongside an incredible drummer and a few strong ideas. With a few guest vocal spots making the album a real tour through hardcore "who's-who" the EP shouldn't be overlooked.
     It's true what they say - if it ain't broke don't fuck with it - and Crucible are far from negotiating their skills to market a more approachable sound. While many of the scene contemporaries litter their tracks with attempts at melody and consistently fall off a bridge, Crucible seems to be in the foundational days of their sound and showcase true skill. Now if they can only stay the course into a full length they'll truly stand beside an accomplishment.

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