Additional Time "EP"

The classic meat and potato hardcore is baffling in its ability to stay so foundational and alive after so much time has passed since its first debut into the punk scene in the late 70's. In 2016 the growth of bands like Expire and Backtrack have become unstoppable and it seems like Black And Blue just gets bigger every year.
     While bands like Jynx and Prestige push hardcore in a different direction, Turnstile and Angel Du$t have taken an opposite avenue in HXC and shown a creative touch to a classic sound. Additional Time does neither and just sort of loiters in the middle.
     The album helps advanced listeners identify the difference in subgenres and trace origins to capture what the group is truly trying to accomplish. I don't think they're looking for anything out of the box, and Additional Time is obviously not reinventing the wheel, but the fact that they're just so complacent in their efforts is a testament to the negligence listeners give music these days. With so many things clawing for our attention why would you even bother releasing something like this with any intentions besides playing for the neighborhood crew?

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