Architects "All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us"

Who would've thought Architects would have made it this far, gotten this huge, and be on their seventh, and highly anticipated release. Things didn't really pick up like they should have until after Hollow Crown redefined metalcore, but even then it wasn't too late.
     The next couple albums were a mixed bag, until their prior release Lost Forever... got the group back on track, honing in on their cleans and atmospheric moments, grinding out whatever issues the band had with multiple elements in everything that came out after Hollow. Although it's really just another batch of songs to a sound we all know and appreciate, standout track "Gone With The Wind" seems to be everything the group has worked for since Ruins.
     It's almost impossible not to link these guys with Parkway Drive and especially Bring Me The Horizon as they all pretty much endured the same career pain points and evolved from clubs to small theaters together. 
     But Architects have always been so consistently them that on a seventh album, regardless of quality of output (which in this case is superior to the majority of the riff raff floating out there in melodic hardcore land), is such a crucial trait. What BMTH did on That's The Spirit was mature and wonderfully executed, and it took the band in a new lane. Although it was highly regarded and respected, it's exclusively not what Architects accomplished on their latest release. It's also evident the group still has more fire in their belly than ever, more quality skills as they've developed throughout the years, and at least another three or four releases before they take an inevitable hiatus like most rock acts getting on in their lives and starting families with babes.

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