Erra "Drift"

On their whateverth album, Erra splash us with the same formula they've clung onto since their origins with what would appear to be their third singer. While the front center vocals have never really been memorable, the cleans from their lead guitarist and brainchild have always been the ones that made the melody of each track.
     Erra need to find some sorcerers stone that will help them channel their intricate talents to create interesting songs. For some reason, it's all just water under the bridge on this one, and even though there's some delicious studio magic that loiters throughout and the musicianship is some of the best in the business, Drift still feels so meh and only the right producer will be able to move the dial. Maybe Misha from Periphery can make an impact. Also, the fact that it took this album as long as it did to get into Apple Music is deplorable. There's no way that kind of resistance is going to last.

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