Convictions "I Will Become"

Sure, it sounds like the band took its sound and title from a For The Fallen Dreams think tank, but on I Will Become, this hardcore outfit knows how to accomplish what's appropriate to stand out amongst metalcore mediocrity.
     The production is on point just like a TGI record, and the breakdowns and sing alongs are at often times not human. Bands don't sound like this at practice. It's obvious that there's a madman at the wheel who knows how to push the umph into the mix. This is really what it's all about. The aggression captured on these tracks with a blended mix will turn heads if played aside modern compilations, and it's a definite head turner when the push comes to shove and the buzz saw guitars come soaring off the speakers with a killer bass punch. It's almost like being at the tail end of a fist fight and then getting that final blow.
     I Will Become is a complete knock out, and it's only a few tours and getting the right sustainment of shows that will get Convictions where they're trying to get. They just need to know exactly where that is.

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