Fallujah "Dreamless"

While almost always coming so close to ultimate fulfillment, Fallujah have finally toppled the Titan that has so long stood in their way from true self discovery. Dreamless finds the band in refined form, with eclectic hymns lingering through their chaotic form of technical death metal.
     At times too much to handle, Fallujah soar through a collection of tracks any progressive nerd would be drooling over in a few seconds. With some of their more galactic solos and ballads to date, Fallujah are looking to separate themselves from a sea of mediocrity and put a stamp of discrepancy between their ability to show off just how different they are from everything else that's out there.
     Somewhere between the title track and "Prodigal Son" Fallujah really go off a cliff and get back into what some of the best technical guitar work of 2016 and it's obvious that we finally have out first AOTY contender here at The Recently Added.

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