Die Choking "III"

At less than twenty minutes, Die Choking whoop enough ass for the boys at This Is Hardcore to pay attention. With each track clocking in less than ninety seconds, Premonitions Of War are feeling their tails being stalked.
     Not since Lost In Kowloon have I felt so convinced by a grind outfit to take the crown. The grooves on "Dwell" and the unrelenting beast that is "The Prince Of Population" make a legit case that Die Choking are not to be taken lightly. 
     While most grindcore bands like Pig Destroyer  Regurgitate and even recent contenders Full Of Hell pound their album's thoroughly and are consistently unabashed, they often litter their albums with so much noise and electronic lingering that much of the assertiveness of the release is lost in the twilight zone. On III Die Choking make a name for themselves as the true contenders of the modern grind scene.

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